Sedona Research

Experimental Phases

STAGE 1 of this SEDONA EFFECT Experiment centered on natural effects, how geomagnetism affects SR in a given local geographical area. Lonetree noticed the anomaly that atmospherics were noticeably stronger (louder) at certain locations along the trail. This was not always the case, though. He began to wonder if the increase in the strength of the atmospherics had anything to do with the infamous vortex energy. The VLF receiver attributed the increase in strength to amplification of the atmospherics. This theory could not be correct though, for if it were, atmospheric strength would be enhanced all the time when he recorded at this particular spot. Such was not the case.

STAGE 2: Surveys conducted by the USGS (United States Geological Survey) indicated there were locations on this planet where there exist vortex-like acting inflows and outflows of non-polarized magnetic energy. Non-polarized means no North or South pole as in a regular magnet. The out- or inflow is simply pure magnetic energy in dynamic motion. In order to prove his theory, Lonetree used a fluxgate sensor. This particular instrument is used for monitoring the Earth’s magnetic field as well as any other source of magnetism.

STAGE 3: The first Schumann Resonance (SR) occurs at average frequency of 7.83 Hz. This frequency also happens to fall between two of the human brainwaves, Alpha and Theta. There are four altogether: Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Theta. When our brain is functioning restfully in the predominantly alpha/theta zone, we become more relaxed or peaceful. The human brain acts like an electrical circuit called a phase-lock loop. A local external (outside the body) electromagnetic signal, as long as it is stronger than our brainwaves, initiates a resonance effect where the brain locks onto and resonates at that frequency.

Lonetree conjectured that if the first Schumann Resonance were in some way enhanced in the area where a large geomagnetic outflow occurred, it should be possible for the first Schumann Resonance to affect a person’s brainwave activity. Since that first signal again lies in alpha and theta range, simultaneously observing and recording the first resonance along with local field geomagnetic activity using the fluxgate instrument in vortex sites proves this theory. What others have long conjectured, Lonetree was able to demonstrate synchrony, conclusively.

He also recorded what he believed to be influencing magnetic energy. He saw the first Schumann Resonance increase in strength while the geomagnetic outflow of energy increased simultaneously. SR and ELF EM fields do have a provable influence on living organisms. SR changes over correlated circadian rhythms and other cycles of time. Physiological effects have been observed in a human subject in response to stimulation of the skin with weak electromagnetic fields that are pulsed with certain frequencies to excite a sensory resonance. Pulsed electromagnetic fields are capable of exciting sensory resonances in nearby subjects.

In “Schumann Resonances, a plausible biophysical mechanism for the human health effects of Solar/Geomagnetic Activity” we find that König observed the close similarity of the SR signal with the EEG alpha rhythm, both of which dominate the daytime, and the local sferics 3 Hz signal with the EEG delta rhythm, that dominate the night. In 1974, he postulated that ELF brain waves evolved to use these natural signals.

STAGE 4: There are some indications that a correlation exists between atmospheric oscillations, brain waves, and biological EM emissions. Understanding the nature of this correlation may enable us to characterize and further utilize various types of “healing energies”. Integral portions of biological systems have been shown to be semiconducting, ferromagnetic and piezoelectric. The biosemiconductor, together with the drift of charges, ions, and radicals, may be considered as a form of “bioplasma”. Bioplasma may be subject to magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) control (Roffey).

Magnetohydrodynamics is based on magnetic transmission over a plasma carrier. Sedlak proposes that magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) can be used to model living bioplasma. This MHD controlled state correlates with metabolic process, such as anabolism-catabolism and oxidation, physiological currents and weakly luminescent effects (biophotons; bioluminescence). A complex signaling system is formed involving electric, magnetic, optical and acoustic effects. This signaling system must operate on the level of single macromolecules like DNA andon groups of molecules, such as cells, tissues, organs and the organism, and above all on the level of the metabolism as an ensemble of chemical processes.

The EM fields emitted by trained healers may be considered as coherent, resonant biomagnetic emissions by which a less coherent EM field of the patient is “tuned” to the specific frequency and phase, and through which homeostasis can be “aligned” to induce “healing” (Roffey). Vortex energy may exert a so-called “healing” energy in much the same way, via subtle resonance effects.

Both Persinger and Ryan separately conducted research that shows apparent associations between extrasensory perception (ESP), geomagnetic activity (GMA) and local sidereal time (LST; a time system based on the rotation of the Earth with respect to star positions). Persinger also links certain ESP phenomena to tectonic strain. The analysis of geomagnetic pulsation activity in relation to ESP success was initially conceived as a first step in a process of elimination in the search for an explanation for the reported associations between GMA and LST with ESP. Rather than eliminating the possibility, this factor emerges as a leading candidate for a solution to the problem.

Research suggests that some individuals experiencing extraordinary visionary activity in vortex spots may have a low threshold for kindling sub-clinical “temporal lobe transients,” (TLTs), micro-seizures which induce a host of psychosensory phenomena. Neural static and discharge are kindled by electrical instabilities in the brain. Typically, such experiences are assigned special personal meaning. According to neuropsychologist Michael Persinger, “God is a result of electro-magnetic stimulation of the temporal lobes …. the God Experience is synthesized during the temporal lobe transients.”

Further studies in magnetoreception may reveal new mechanisms. Questions remain: 1). What is the nature of magnetic sensory cells? 2). By what physical mechanism is the external magnetic field coupled into the organism (reception)? 3). How sensitive is the mechanism to small changes in the magnetic field (detection threshold)? 4). What physical mechanisms or chemical pathways convert the received magnetic energy into a nervous signal (transduction)?

But we have defined and demonstrated the SEDONA EFFECT as paramagnetism coupled with geomagnetic Earth Energies, Schumann Resonance & Brainwave Resonance.


Schumann Resonance, before & during Magnetic Surge