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The Arizona Tesla Science Foundation is Chapter of The Tesla Science Foundation International. We are a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to service to humanity through the technology, inventions and knowledge base of Nikola Tesla. We offer education about his many inventions and technology and his gift of Free Electricity to the world population. Nikola Tesla was one of the most prolific inventors the world has known and even though you may not know his name you are using several of his inventions including the electricity in your home and in our civilization. Visionary and scientist Nikola Tesla is included in the UNESCO Memory of the World register.

Arizona Tesla Science Foundation

Our Community includes many of the Tesla Society(s) found in America and all over the world.  Over the past 100 plus years the technology and science of Nikola Tesla has become popular and even demanded and more, so in our modern world where the young people ( and in truth people of all ages ) have become aware of the principles, science and technology that can help the world to reach a more prosperous and open civilization.
Feel free to explore this website and the various links you will find to other sites like this one.  Learn and study the science that is available, help to develop the technology and promote it.
We organize, from time to time direct meetings, groups, blogs and membership.

Helping the Next Generation

The children of today are far more sophisticated and aware of the world then were the children of just a few short years ago. The World Wide Internet has put us in touch with each other and the ideas, aspirations and inspirations of many people in many parts of the world… this includes their desire for new technology and in some cases for older technology that needs to be revived and promoted.  The Inventions of Nikola Tesla are specific to this desire for technology when you consider that many of his inventions were created to benefit humanity and lighten the load of daily labor.
Many of these inventions also include FREE Energy and Clean energy both of which are being demanded all over the world in the effort to replace Oil and fossil fuels.
Our Desire and intent is to help the people of this planet to realize the greater goals of a free and functioning society complete with all the necessary tools to make even greater strides and advancement then was possible in the past. And of course the children are the future of this planet and deserve every possibility of being taught advanced technology’s and concepts.

The Tesla Science Foundation in all areas of the globe that are developing new technology, reviving and developing older technology that has merit and we are creating new methods of teaching and instruction for children all over the world.




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Our Foundation excists from the God Will of people who believe in and support research, technology and education for today and the future. Our many ongoing projects are always intended to benefit humanity. Your Donation is welcome and necessary. We thank you in advance for your contributions.