Robert Meyer
President of Arizona TSF
Robert Meyer is President of the Arizona Tesla Science Foundation and past President of Rhode Chapter – International Tesla Society. He comes from a background of research technology in the field of Free energy research and Ufology research from a very young age. He was focused on building of crystal radios, education in electronic sciences and technology as well as working in building an unusal science projects. He was studying how natures electrical fields and energies work with natural order. Current project is TESLA Live HOUSE BY ROBERT MEYER Copyright ©
Benjamin Longtree
Benjamin Longtree is member of the steering committee of Arizona Tesla Science Foundation. Coming from Wisconsin as electrical engineer with degrees and certifications in electronics and mechanical engineering. Graduated at Waukesha County Technical College, (WCTC) and Milwaukee Area Technical College. (MATC). His research has been recognized by NASA and MIT. Current areas of research are Schumann Resonance and Earthquake precursor research. Much more to come. Everything is frequency. Preferably in resonance.
Leslie Dishman
Board Member
Leslie Dishman / Board member of Arizona TSF. She has a lifelong interest in seeking the answers to how to make our beautiful planet a more comfortable place to exist. She recognizes the use of clean , renewable energy as one way to accomplish this. Leslie represents many souls on the planet who are ready to help support the efforts of scientists and inventors who would like to see these energy technologies implemented.
John Sanders
Out Reach Coordinator
John Sanders is a graduate of the California State University, Northridge and received a BA in Organizational Communications. He has held positions in Human Resources management and has also served as Director of Marketing for a management consulting firm specializing in testing and candidate assessments. Mr. Sanders, as Director of Quality Systems, successfully spearheaded the effort to achieve ISO 9002 registration for Hadley Auto Transport -- an industry first. His efforts ultimately resulted in the company’s achieving Ford’s Q1 quality rating. He went on to lead the Quality Improvement Program for the California State University system, working with leaders from the 23 campuses of the CSU to analyze and optimize operations and administrative processes. Mr. Sanders is an award-winning screenwriter and historian, and was recognized for his ground-breaking research into the assassination of President Kennedy. He was also tapped to write a television pilot about the life of Nicola Tesla, and the research for that project has fueled his fascination for this great inventor and humanitarian.
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